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Digital Radiography System (DR)

DRS is a filmless digital x-ray taking system that is compatible with DICOM and PACS net. In particular, it is capable of high-resolution imaging and efficient operation through the Trixell Pixium 4600 flat panel detector, high-speed image processing software manufactured with the work list function and through the advanced HIS/RIS integration technology. It is also an accurate system for the diagnosis of a large number of patients within a certain time.
1. Image can be transferred through PACS Network devices enhancing
    the efficiency of hospital management.
2. This enables to get digital image within 5 seconds after making expose.
3. Saving cost and space using one image processing system for Vertical
    Bucky stand detector and table detector.
4. Shorter patient’s waiting time (within 8 seconds the system is ready for
    next patient exam)
Digital Radiography and Fluoroscopy, X-Ray System Manufacturer LISTEM
Over the past 50 Years, through continuous R&D, LISTEM has been a leader in digital x-ray, c-arm system.
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