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Digital Radiography System (DR)

Advanced Digital Radiography System
Versatile, Easy, Convenient, Effective, Fully motorized Digital radiography system for User and Patients
This system includes overhead tube crane, elevating table and Bucky wall stsnd. ADR saves your time and effort by fast image processing, seamless data transfer and convenient interfaces.
1. Remarkably fast Image Processing
2. Superb Design
3. Intuitive user interface
4. LCD touch screen display control panel on the overhead tube crane
5. Wide range of overhead tube crane movement in 4 directions
6. Auto tracking elevating table and Bucky wall stand with overhead tube crane
7. Dual energy image process
8. Touch Consoles
9. Auto Positioning / Auto Tracking
10. Auto Stitching
Digital Radiography and Fluoroscopy, X-Ray System Manufacturer LISTEM
Over the past 50 Years, through continuous R&D, LISTEM has been a leader in digital x-ray, c-arm system.
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