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Radiography System (R)

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This High Frequency X-ray Generator has lower ripple, and produce X-ray which is near voltage regulation.
Therefore it has high efficiency, less exposure dose to the patients and high quality of reproducibility and linearality. Additionally, its operation is much easier and user-friendly. And the radiograph information is simultaneously interlocked with related equipments, which eliminate additional operation of users. (APR, AEC, ABC)
1. High frequency inverter type generator.
2. It can work with wall power, connect PSU(Power Storage Unit) to the
    unit in the case of unstable power supply.
3. Self-diagnostic circuitry with error code reporting (Filament error, Rotor
    error, overload etc.
4. APR (Anatomical Programmed Radiography)
5. Real-time monitoring of exposure conditions
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Over the past 50 Years, through continuous R&D, LISTEM has been a leader in digital x-ray, c-arm system.
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