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Mobile Radiography System (Mobile)

 MOBIX-1000   DMH-325 
MOBIX-1000 Mobile x-ray features a compact design that enables x-ray imaging even in a small space.
It is equipped with an overload protection circuit to protect the x-ray tube. The optimal x-ray imaging conditions according to animal body size are built in
1. Lightweight and compact Mobile X-ray
2. Equipped with a dead man brake for easy maneuverability over rises
or obstacles on the floor
3. Pantographic arm with soft and wide movement
4. Up-Down Stand Type Arm
5. APR (Anatomical Programmed Radiography)
6. Can perform all required x-ray imaging using only general electric power
(no battery required).
Digital Radiography and Fluoroscopy, X-Ray System Manufacturer LISTEM
Over the past 50 Years, through continuous R&D, LISTEM has been a leader in digital x-ray, c-arm system.
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